Final Fantasy 7 Aeris Cosplay Costume Reviews

Aeris’ name is spelled Aerith (US version is Aeris), taken from the English word EARTH (the earth) homonym, suggesting that she guards the planet’s fate. She is an ordinary girl, but more lovely than an angel, more pure than a goddess. In this game that touched countless players, there is a girl wearing a pink dress and maroon curls, which has become a landscape in people’s hearts. Aeris, she has a heavy fate, lost her biological parents and first love, and her face always has a healing smile. She saved her companions several times on her short trip and eventually sacrificed her life to save the planet. She is a lively and cheerful girl who hides her true nature and is very popular in the game.

And the following is a detailed introduction to this cosplay costume for your reference. If you like this set of cosplay costumes, you can take a try.


The skirt is in the shape of a pale pink, diamond-shaped lattice, and it is sleeveless, because there is a jacket on the outside, and lace under the skirt, so that your charm can bloom at any time. At the same time, there are tie belts on the waist and zippers on the right side. These details are handled very well. This dress can also be recycled in various occasions. The texture is comfortable and refreshing, giving you unlimited imagination.


The texture of the top is a bit similar to a jacket with two diagonal pockets on the front and a waistband around the waist. If you prefer, you can choose not to tie it. The point is that this orange-red top is very close to the pale pink dress, and the color is very eye-catching.


Because the dress is a v-neck, it will look great with a dark brown necklace. There are also gourd-shaped decorations on it, which are naturally draped and more charming.

Hair clips:

Every girl loves beauty, especially for the only remaining ancient species on the planet, Setra—Aeris. Her favorite is the pink hair clip, which is in line with the character’s character. It can also be combined with a variety of decorations for a variety of events.

Overall, the complete set of Final Fantasy 7 Aeris Cosplay Costume is really good, the quality is as described in the detail picture, the quality is really good, the details are handled very well, it is like in the game. A replica of Aeris, and the price is reasonable, if you want, you can buy it as soon as possible, the opportunity not to be missed.