Suicide Squad cosplay costumes Reviews

  1. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Costumes

In movie Suicide Squad,Harley Quinn, She is an excellent and curious psychiatrist, yet very specific person. but she may be overestimating her ability. In the face of the clown’s temptation, she not only hopes to fall in love with Joker, she even becomes a victim of Joker, and then she does not Repentance becomes a true criminal. Although she is very violent and unpredictable, audience do not hinder their love for her.

I was excited to receive the Harley Quinn costume when I opened the box. Package includes: Neck Decorative, Back Strap (With Holster), Coat, T-Shirt, Shorts, Waistband, 1 Glove, 2 Wrist Guards. Because of these things, you can perfectly dress up as a character in a movie. It fit just like I wanted it, too. Costume is really nice! I got it today I ordered a medium the shorts fit, and the jacket/shirt was way suitable on me. 

The shorts are fitting very well! At first I thought it was a little ‘too’ tight, but I guess that’s just the design. I’m happy with the beautiful jacket! Spectacular, very nice and good fabric, I recommend seller very kind and attentive to the shipping process, very happy and I will buy again.

The quality for the price is not bad, but there is a  little smell, the collar is accurately made, the shorts seem to be sewn from the front half,front harmonica, behind pulls. However, this design is very prominent, and it perfectly outlines your body.

2. Suicide Squad Joker Cosplay Costumes

In the film Suicide Squad, the character Joker played by the clown is confusing, his character is arrogant, and at the same time has a charming temperament, is a very intelligent super criminal. People used to think that the image of the clown was stupid and funny, but as the development of the clown seems to become an evil existence, it is really scary. But this does not affect people’s love for this role.

Amazing quality. Got so many complements. Definetly makes the costume.Not exactly purple enough, but the design and quality make up for that. It’s fit is very good, hangs well, big collar, sleeves are long enough. All in all well worth the price.Tons of compliments on the jacket.  Its heavy as it should be so don’t buy if you’re a wimpy joker. If you are looking to do a suicide squad joker cosplay or costume, this is the only coat to buy.

It was great quality, got here on time, and fit perfectly, not to mention way cheaper than buying it from the Halloween store! I absolutely loved this! And package include: Necklaces, Coats, Shorts, Render Pants. These things are all seen in the movie, and I am very grateful to the seller for their hard work. The quality is excellent. I am also very happy to receive such a good gift. I can’t wait to try it on.