Why Should You Stay At Four Seasons Bangkok

Photo: Four Seasons, Bangkok

Photo: Four Seasons, Bangkok

To be honest, this review is from my trip in 2010, and I certainly hope Four Seasons Bangkok is still as amazing! If I had to sum up my experience in just one line, I would just like to tell you that – Bradley Cooper and the Hangover 2 crew was also staying there at that time. Yup! Obviously I am trying to make it sound like we hung out and stuff, which of course, never happened. What did happen though is that I had a great time at FS, Bangkok. Must point out their amazing service, that brilliant goose-down bed (FS hotels never disappoint in that regard, ever), courteous staff, stunning oriental interiors and superb food. Forget everything else, I still haven’t gotten over the fries! Lame, I know, but those fries were a work of art! Swim (in my case being parked at the shallow end), shower, TV, room service, your favourite sandwich and fries… You know what I mean?

Of course, you can’t let gluttony take over your stay. You have to step out no matter how comfy the bed. It’s pretty easy to get around town from Four Seasons Bangkok. You can take the metro which is just short walking distance away or hail a cab just as easily but my daily ritual used to be to hop on a tuk-tuk and let it whisk me away to one of the shopping destinations. Most of them are just 10-15 minutes away. I would come back, sip on a glass of wine and head for a relaxing massage. Good life!
Photo: Four Seasons, Bangkok

Photo: Four Seasons, Bangkok

That's me, gulping down Möet. Classy, huh?

So over all, I would absolutely recommend FS, Bangkok. I would also like to hear about places where you’ve stayed and enjoyed. To share travel stories and experiences, follow me on twitter – @ThePickyC. Or on Pinterest. I love Pinterest! Don’t you?
P.S: A version of this review first appeared on Triptease.com.

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  1. So you’re saying you travel around the world, sipping champagne and staying in these amazing hotels????? Dammmm girl, I want in.

  2. Is Bradely Cooper the reason for your divorce? The nation wants to know!! Sorry just kidding… You sound like a positively amazing woman. More power to you!

  3. I stayed at Four Seasons BkK last year. It was great but I wish thir pool was temperature controlled. And there was no Bradley Cooper!

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